This series empowers awareness of Divine Guidance. One way I express my Source of creative expression is through my art. How I feel Divine guidance is through the awareness of attraction to all forms I feel good about...such as people, the environment I am in, the selection of food I eat and so forth. Good choices come from Divine Heart connection and expression!



In following your heart’s desire there is a feeling of Truth. Becoming aware of that sensation offers inner guidance on your path to wholeness.


Norma L. Lloyd

Family connection

Body of light

Gift of egypt


Heaven surrounds

Birth of Light

Phoenix  Rising

Guiging heart



Gallery series: holy grail

Energy Templates


Each template has imagery and a words relating to the

  potential of the image and can be used  as a tool for:


· Enhancing imagination

· Emotional awareness and energy activation on the body

· Tarot type readings with a symbolic focus

· Contemplation art for  mediation and relaxation