What a great opportunity and what a special gift from the universe . Diana Leitner, Special Projects Coordinator III, for the Library loved my art, we shared a vision about the Arts and Mind Body Empowerment and together designed a wonderful program that included my exhibit: Revelations of Light; Language of Creativity and a lecture series Mind Body Connection; New Directions for Health Empowerment.


It was a great month.  Several hundred people attended the opening, and filled the large auditorium to hear Dr. John Graham-Pole speak.


I was so excited to blend together my vision for art and my background in medicine. The Arts; visual, performance, language and others, are a  natural harmonic tool to support health empowerment.


Each presenter volunteered and did an outstanding job. Our room filled to capacity for most lectures and the comments cards asked for more!


Can you imagine, this was my first exhibit ever!



Welcome to my July 2001 exhibit Broward County Main Library

My lecture in the Mind Body Connection series was on “Heart intelligence”, which just happens to be the name of this picture. My entire exhibit was a miracle, almost entirely funded by some very wonderful people (family, friends and patrons).


It was such a pleasure for me to finally see the images reproduced in large formats. During the month I got to see so many people enjoying the display and received many wonderful comments  in my  guest book.