Living art discussion


Its all about resonance!

There are a great number of discussions today about molecular science and quantum physics to read about. My premise is that we need to study art and the effect it has on the biological system of the body. We need all the tools possible for maintaining health can well being!


Art can be an environmental tool for health. In the future I see practitioners who assist in the design of that! Health focus becomes a designed place to live and work that has visual images, audible sounds and even architecture that serves quantum health! 


Over the last 18 years I have witnessed many people have what as been called a “change in presence” while  experiencing my art. Having done some biofeedback measurements,  my understanding is that it affects their emotional heart and quantum information field and this can shift the physical body and perceptions of life. Art that lifts up the emotions can be a very powerful medicine.


People report feelings of spirituality, peace, balanced engaged enlightenment and expansive insights while standing in the art. Many practitioners report to me that the templates help to balance energy in the body.  I have witnessed shifts in the physical body, instantaneous spiritual openings or quickening, expansion of the life force and many other impacts.  


My wish is that the arts in its many forms can be better valued as a tool for health and wellbeing and that more attention can be placed into supporting health and well being through art research.


Please contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions for further study! The potentials that art can offer are magnificent!