Society for the Arts in Healthcare

2004 Poster presentation on studies of art in health

Best of City Link Magazine

October,  2002

Art Serve Gallery

March, 2002, WanderfulWands and Art for Harmony

March, 2002 Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Whitewalls Gallery, An American Collection

February,  2002, Delray Beach, Fl

Broward County Main Library,

Revelations of Light, Language of Creativity

Presentation: Take a Dose of Art

Program Director: Mind Body Connection

July,  2001, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc

Flight to Freedom, et al

On continuous display since 1996, Fort Lauderdale


City Link Magazine

Feature Gallery Artist,

Making the invisible visible

June 2002


Painting the Soul

Cover, Florida Magazine, Sun-Sentinel, Orlando

February, 2000, Orlando

Television Production

Painting the Soul:  Inner  & Outer Beauty

Ivanhoe Productions, Distribution 300 TV stations

June, 2000, Orlando, Fl

Newspaper Articles

Nurse Magic

Sun-Sentinel, March 2002, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Letting her Light Shine

Pompano Times, August, 2001

Good Health can Often be an Art Form

July, 2001, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Portraits of the Soul

Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach

 November, 1999, Palm Beach




I currently write, teach, mentor and incorporate creative expression in educational programs for groups and individuals.  My focus is to open and expand creative expression in whatever direction is desired. This could be in leadership training, visual art, language art, creative expression in nursing, drama, cooking, management and many other possibilities of opening human potential


I have taught these type of classes professionally for several years at numerous University, Hospital and Community locations including most recently:


Society For the Arts in Healthcare

Nova University

Museum of Art

University of Phoenix

 Florida Atlantic University

 Holistic Nursing Courses

National Nursing Conferences

Holy Cross Hospital

Imperial Point Medical Center

Community Organizations

 LBS Women’s Group

Art Serve

Healing Light




My experience of art began with a significant passage in my life and it has emerged as one of my greatest joys. I call my art “imaginal art” meaning that it comes from a place deep inside that allows spontaneous creativity to occur. I follow my intuition as I choose my colors and my strokes, my inspirations leading to amazing revelations that I feel deep within myself as they emerge onto a canvas, watercolor paper and photographs.


As a professor, I incorporate creative potentials and balance in all course with visual art. I believe that art is a tool for harmonic balance and that it  offers the artists and the observers a language of imaginative self discovery and inspirational experience. :


You can contact me at:


Norma L. Lloyd, M.S.




My goal as an artist is to blend my expressions of creativity with my years of experience as a cardiac clinical and administrative health care practitioner. I develop visual imagery, three dimensional art techniques and processes that enhance and evoke feelings of creative expression and spiritual connection, and self empowerment. I feel that art, as beauty and  harmony, is a wonderful instrumental in the development, rejuvenation and maintenance of a healthy mind, body and spirit!         


Imagine!    Experience!   Connect!