Art a living language that entrains the heart


written as an essay with art images on how art can contribute to world peace




Its all about Harmony

A new World

Beauty Creates peace

Language of Nature

Our Iconian Universe

Hardware and Software

Entrainment of Harmony

Art from the Soul

Vision without Limitation

Seduced by Nature

Art as Communication

Art defines the Self

Environmental Art Analysis




Mysteries of the Spiritual Realms

Science of health

Heart of Gold

Power of Images in the Mind

Physiology of Imagery

Art as a Tool for Health

Art & Medicine on the Fringe

Art has Healing Capacities

Passion for self-Communication

Phoenix Rising

Revolution for Revelation

Magnetizing a New World

Still Point of Eternity

Paradigm Shift

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     Art is a language that communicates feeling and is capable of altering and illuminating concepts that can change the world.  Our entire universe is a system of harmonic principles. When this understanding reigns Peace in the World begins.   This essay addresses the arts as a potential cultural tool  for  transformation and is based on the simple following principles:   Beauty naturally creates peace and harmony.


       Art represents the power of imagery to communicate, illuminate and deliver concepts. Imagination is the key to knowledge that can unlock the secrets of creation. Creative expression, as art, can be used to enhance health of the mind, body and spirit. Emotions can now be measured scientifically and patterns reproduced that allow the observer tremendous insights and self- awareness. A new world will emerge as choices for self- empowerment expand.

Particle of the Waveform of Life

Genetic Blueprint

Our Electrical nature

Heart Intelligence

Cellular Endorsement

Energy in Motion

Graph your Feelings

Micro and Macro

Earth-Human Hologram

Primordial Scission

Analyzing vs. Sensing

Thoughts are Images of Action

Spontaneous Creative Expression

Dessert of Life

Adventures of creativity


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