Soul Portrait Gallery: Samples

by Norma L. Lloyd

 “Soul” Portraits are a magical adventure and an opportunity to look at yourself from the inside out. Many reveal a soul purpose and a sense of spiritual inspiration.


These paintings are a unique way to enlighten provide a presence of your spiritual archetypes and symbols in your environment. They reflect your inner beauty and light and are great for contemplative meditation and expanding communion with your inner being.


A “Soul Glimpse”,  which is a smaller  version of a full Soul Portrait, can be accomplished by simply sending a picture. Your vibration can then be felt and your essence transmitted onto watercolor paper.



“My amazing soul portrait represented my connection as a teacher and an artist! The “tree” , is my spiritual calling to provide enlightenment  through the arts. There is also an Indian spirit guide in the center that felt familiar to me. “...Margot


“I so identified as a  massage therapist with my soul portrait! I see myself as helping people connect to the love they have inside, Heaven and Earth within, and helping them to balance their energy. “...Jay

This portrait is a couple, this emerged as a  symbol of the unconditional love these two people shared! The couple asking for a representation of their love!


An angelic soul shining  Light on the Face of Humanity, helping people remember True value.

As it turned out this person is a cosmetologist!

This soul portrait was requested to help bring in a relationship. If you look closely you can see a couple emerging together with a golden heart between them. It worked!

Get your soul purpose

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