More Soul Portraits By Norma L. Lloyd


“Mirror of Beauty”


Many “Soul” portraits have  several views. The first here demonstrates three faces in the mirror. Her soul purpose is to integrate beauty inside and out with her clients.


The second shows King Neptune with his crown of teeth reaching out and a man’s large face with a very prominent nose.


Amy derives a lot of her inspiration and peace from the ocean


Freedom of the Wind


Who can miss this gorgeous horse?


He has a crown of Light with streamers of Joy blowing in the wind. He is also adorned with a neck collar of gold. Two spirits are watching in the lower right corner.


Also seen from a reverse perspective is an  Indian/angel guide providing the “Wisdom of Prayer”


Prayer,  in flow with One’s Spirit,  is very simplistic. Truth in our heart feels like the wind, Light and full of Joy. Being true to one’ self in everyday actions is a prayer honoring the Spirit of Life. 


Birthing the Diamond Heart


You can clearly see the woman carrying a “Diamond” heart.


Just to her right is a “King” wearing a crown with broad shoulders. He is also carrying Light.


A spiritual King and Queen of Hearts.

Each “Soul  Portrait” comes with your own personal intuitive messages. Reach for your higher potentials!