Reflection of love

Birth of feminine

Pearl of perfection


Many mansions

Womb of  god

Soul star


Winds of change


New earth

Universe of one

This series represents the spirit of a rose, the reflection of love and the compassion of a universe as the new Earth unfolds. The expression of compassion is like the blooming of a rose, reflecting the love that is our true spirit.


Our feminine nature is that part of us that knows. It is a sense,  an intuitive feeling, an inward communication. I believe that at some point in evolution we have a destiny to know ourselves, to know our truths and to know our source of perfection.


Like the caterpillar we are about to emerge from our cocoon and activate our imaginal  cells! With our new “wings” we will reach many new heights. This series takes you on a journey, an opening into the Womb of God.


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Realizing The Eternal Moment of Compassion


The Eternal Moment is Now!


Feel the implosion as your heart expands it’s connectedness to the community of love. The veils are lifted and the twin suns appear. At last the rapture, the eternal bond, our twin flame is made known. A heart expanded knows no return!


Norma L. Lloyd

Energy Templates


Each template has imagery and a words relating to the potential of the image. And can be used  as a tool for:


· Enhancing imagination

· Emotional awareness and energy activation on the body

· Tarot type readings with a symbolic focus

· Contemplation art for  mediation and relaxation

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