Opening the “hall of records

As the story goes in Egypt ………....RA returns at the end of the 5000 year “cycle”.


The tomb is opened and the codes for Mastery are revealed in the bones of the Gods. Each individual awakens to their perfection, a Diamond Light of Creative Spiritual Source. The NEW seeds are planted and the Earth rises once again to the NEW Timeline of Perfect Creation.



The “Hall of Records”, represents our lineage to self Mastery and our perfect potentials. The original print of this series is the actual stella imprint from the front of the sphinx in Egypt.


Hall of records

Universal law


One creation

Gallery Exhibit series: Exodus

Changing the Seed of Creation



Energy Templates


Each template has imagery and a words relating to the potential of the image. And can be used  as a tool for:


· Enhancing imagination

· Emotional awareness and energy activation on the body

· Tarot type readings with a symbolic focus

· Contemplation art for  mediation and relaxation