We write “The Imaginal Story” together!



Was there a time when we knew how to spin ourselves into reality?


Once upon a time there was an Earth, born out of the First Light of Creation...a dimensional vista that held perfect human form and a “Garden of Eden”, a genuine holo-deck of creativity. There are many stories in our world cultures that tell about this. A time when we existed as a perfect and ageless human form. (check out Ireland’s history). Some say we actually spun ourselves into existence!


What a quantum idea!!!


In the stories of ancient Lemuria it is told that the breath was the beginning, even before the word. The first breath was that of Desire, the second of Manifesting and the third a Sphere of Illumination...which then becomes the newly created universe…...


Are we coded for a metamorphic shift in human potentials?


The word “imaginal” is used in several areas that I identify with. First, it is reported as a realm between soul and human form that creative intent comes from. For me that is where ideas for my art originate. Second, imaginal cells are actually the cells that lie dormant in a caterpillar waiting for the right moment in caterpillar time to awaken. (these are actually gene codes). When they activate the immune system tries to take them out and basically turns into a gelatinous gel. The imaginal cells hold the blueprint for the butterfly and through a magical ignition of communication, when they find each other and form a network of realization….the metamorphosis begins! I think we are coded for a metamorphic change in human potential!


Does the heart hold this gene code for metamorphosis?


YES! In the heart, according to scientific reports, you find similar gene coded cells! When I read this my thought went to my experience with my art. When some people step into the art or view the art they report an emotional “quickening” feeling in their heart. I have actually documented the shift with biofeedback equipment from HeartMath. The heart speeds up 10 beats/min. When I called a physicist who worked with this type of system his comment was that when the phi ratio or golden mean is achieved between the heart and the brain . This harmonic pattern causes this “quickening” to take place. Definitely needs more investigation!


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