Art & science & wellbeing


a quest for partnership!

Above is a student whose emotions are being measured while in observation of one of my art pieces. The art observation produced  harmonic entrainment  and a “quickening” of the heart, the phi ratio.


Book insert: “Acknowledged as an accomplished visionary artist, Norma Lloyd employs a spontaneous and intuitive approach in the design and the exploration of art as an environmental tool for health and wholeness. Her creative designs function as energy medicine and encompass a transdisciplinary approach to balance in the body with heart intelligence at the core.  Norma is a professional educator with extensive experience and training in cardiovascular medicine. Her book, Art: a Living Language that Entrains the Heart, communicates her passionate desire to engage the arts as a healing tool.  Norma’s Light Revelations communicate a “presence” which entrains the heart. Designed to evoke higher potentials of heart intelligence, these visual images and holograms stimulate expanded states of personal awareness, harmony, and integrative balance of the mind, body and spirit. Her artwork encompasses multiple themes focusing on the evolution of consciousness and wholeness, and a unique commissioned series of individual energetic artworks called Soul Portraits.  These images empower others with emotional clarity and a deeper comprehension of the transformative power of art.  According to Norma, “Allowing creativity to flow through me is a tremendous source of joy. This expansion of life force offers me a wonderful sense of peace and inner strength.” I have stepped into Norma’s light images and personally experienced this unique therapeutic energy.  Her work is a testament to the healing potentials that lie at the intersection of art and science.”

                                                                                                                David Spangler, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                Nova Southeastern University

My art is now the cover for a new book about the human side of medicine and was selected because it represented hands focused on the light inside the patient , the new physician!

I experience the creativity of my art as a perfect sense of harmony coming from within. I feel that accessing one’s creative potential is key to fostering well being.


We have much to learn on this and I hope to see more studies on creativity, art and health!