How do we optimize our metamorphic moment in time?

If we are at that juncture, and I think we are, how do we optimize our potentials for enlightened vistas of creation and human evolutionary well being? If turning “on” the cells can occur with environmental patterns, such as my art,  then lets find out what else works!  Bruce Lipton author of the Biology of Belief says that our cells are like little antennas, and are either attracted to or contracted from external stimuli.


When people step into the “living art experience” the image can offer them a metamorphic experience! Many have witnessed my images affecting the physical body energy field in such a way as to allow instant shifts in emotional well being, corrections in physical abnormalities and enlightened changes in the consciousness of self and others. These types of shifts can also come from healers, music and so forth. One idea on how to optimize human potential is by becoming self aware of cellular level of attraction and repulsion in the body.




There is a centrifugal force in the body, a core of energy that can help define external potentials. The birds have it, the animals have it, we just don’t pay attention! In chiropractic they call this system kinesiology.


DIRECTIONS:    First: stand with feet slightly parted, facing forward and interlock your hands in front of you. Now feel your stability. Feel your feet on the ground and the electromagnetic connection you have to the Earth. Second: Say the work YES out loud and feel the strengthening of your position and a slight movement forward as if pulled and anchored forward. Third: Say the work NO out loud and feel the release of the forward pull and your body almost falling backward. 


Now that you have the “cellular signal” in awareness go to the grocery store and stand in front of some vegetables you like and ask if they are good for you. You could even hold one in your interlocked hands. Then go to the processed meat section and do the same. Now that you have your heart intelligence signal up and running check out items in your home, the objects, the foods you eat, nature, the people you work with and so forth….play with your new abilities to sense your optimal environment. Try looking at one of my art pieces you like!


Have FUN playing with this! Let me know how you do!

The imaginal story & the signal


Its all about resonance!