Q & A : Are “Soul Portraits” paintings that you create as an artist?

Yes! They are all original impressions that are creatively expressed by me. These images and symbols are not something that I draw or even am aware of until they somewhat magically appear on the paper. They are energies that I feel and transmit in communion with my client. They are then channeled on to watercolor paper.  Each soul portrait is a unique reflection of the client I am with. I have been filmed doing a soul portrait and you can observe the impression of King Neptune emerging onto the paper.. This client turned out to be a scuba diver! The images are energy, an alchemical process, that results in imagery, Some people create sounds, some do healing by touch, for me it is energy by imagery!


Q & A : Why would anyone want a soul portrait?

My intention is to support the recognition of the beauty and the light that everyone  has inside. The collection of archetypal images, symbols, guides and loved ones are uniquely a recognition and representation of the inner dimensions of their being . My clients tell me they use their soul portraits to understand themselves better. They also serve to reflect upon and that they offer continuous impressions in understanding themselves. One client referred to her portrait as a Tapestry of her Soul! When people see their own reflections of beauty and get a sense of their soul purpose, I feel it offers insights and contributes spiritual harmony in their environment.


Q & A : Can you explain the process of getting a soul portrait?

There are several ways to get a soul portrait and different sizes to select from. For me the process of doing a soul portrait starts way ahead of the appointment! I usually find myself out and about selecting colors and media days ahead.  In one instance I found myself purchasing fluorescent orange paint….it became the hair of the “fire being” in the portrait...a guide for this person! Soul portraits are a sacred process, an opportunity, a gift that I get to share with others. After the session and the painting dries, I photograph the image in the sunlight. This is an essential component because it helps to reveal the reflections that emerge.


Soul portraits can be scheduled in person or they can be done remotely on internet media such as Skype. As long as I have an image or sound from someone I can tune into their vibration. I do a basic “Soul Glimpse” , which is a 9 x 12 impression or a full  portrait which is 18 x 24 and that involves an introductory session in which I help to expand the clients inner awareness of light and soul. Both sessions include a watercolor image, a photographic print and a short summary from me as the artist of the meanings I sense and feel in the piece.


Q & A : How much does it cost and how do I schedule and appointment?


The Soul Glimpse is a 9 x 12 painting and an 8 x 10 reflective print for $295.00 You will need to send me a photograph so that I can connect to your vibration for the painting.


A full Soul Portrait is a 18x24 watercolor painting with (3)  8 x 10  reflective prints of different aspects of the image. This also includes a 30 minute session to open inner awareness. You will need to schedule time for this session in person , by phone or on Skype. I will complete the painting after the session. The total cost for the full session and portrait is $795.00


You can reach me to answer any questions or to schedule at: normallloyd@yahoo.com


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Soul Portrait History!

I have done over 50 individual soul portraits! I


I had been asking for spiritual guidance on how I could create something that fulfilled my spirit and that would be financially supportive. Being a corporate health care administrator for over 25 years I was ready for something new! I attended a spiritual gathering and was lucky enough to sit next the minister  of the church. She looked at some of my art images that I carry around with me and said your know I think that you could paint people’s souls. Right! Well later that evening I decided to try and paint hers. I just intuitively allowed the next idea of when and where to ad color and form flow and WOW! Sure enough there was a beautiful symbol in the paper when I got finished. The image  meant a great deal to her and over the years I have learned that the images serve as a communication focus for intuiting.  They seem to change, or allow certain perceptions when people are ready. They are all very beautiful to me. When I sit to do one I feel very honored. I am privileged to enter the “Tapestry of Beauty” ( to quote one client) of one’s soul, their Divine and Higher purpose in Life.

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