A wonderful entertainer who makes people laugh their old energy away!


Who is the man in the right corner with the suit on?


During this soul portrait I used  fluorescent orange color. When the painting is upside down you will see this color become the “flame” hair of this very ultra-terrestrial  type being.


I was guided several weeks later to read a book on other worlds and an artist rendition of “flame beings “ she had encountered. Guess what they help humanity with? And what color they unify into? Orange specializing in assisting with releasing old patterns!  This qualifies as a major coincidence!!!

Soul Portraits : Unique images of your purpose and destiny

These are original impressions that are creatively expressed by me. These images and symbols are not something that I draw or even am aware of until they somewhat magically appear on the paper. They are energies that I feel and transmit in communion with my client. They are then transmitted on to watercolor paper.  Each soul portrait is a unique reflection of the client I am with and symbolic archetypal images, loved ones and other meaningful representation appear. Some people create sounds, some do healing by touch, for me it is energy by imagery!





























They can be done in person of by phone and include a tape recoded interpretation by the artist and facilitator, Norma Lloyd.

diana #1


This image was commissioned by someone who felt close to Princess Diana’. It took place about 6 months after her soul’s passing. If you look close you can see a woman, her eyes somewhat wistful,  her mouth downturned and looking sad. You can also make out pearls around her neck and her earring.


Shifting your gaze the profile of a woman in a nuns habit is seen superimposed on top of the left side of Diana;s face. It is very close to the profile of Mother Teresa . Why they would be shown together to me is that they both demonstrated Compassion as a truly Loving force in the world. One from the perspective of wealth and one from poverty.  



This image reveals a profile of Dodi, her love at the time of her death and one who also died with her in the auto accident. She appears to be standing behind him.