You are the Light of my Existence....... eternal flame, the Beauty of which resides inside my Soul


Art & Conversation, a dance with my Norma L. Lloyd

Ascension series Workbook

Creating your own reality show!



“Gifts sifted from the soul of development a

re attended as the most beautiful Garden on Earth.”

Taking the time to find the many gifts that have been given, the platform upon which we as a soul are having a human experience rest, makes perfect sense!


Life is a design plan with a story that has many gifts and opportunities, an arrangement of freewill to choose development that creates experience. It has patterns of identity that tell about the soul’s journey, and of the subconscious matrix, that operates as an executive conduit or conductor of attraction.

Our reality reflects back information that can help define our life patterns. Through observation, awareness and intention we can alter those patterns to new and greater potentials of experience.


To alter evolution and attract alternate patterns of consciousness, understanding of creator-creation of must be acknowledged and defined well in the context of development.

Awareness of the internal source of reality and the role we play in attracting events and people into our lives is essential to know. External reflections let us know the patterns we are generating. Some are really great but others we would shift if we knew how.


All come with a perfect note, a key ingredient, a “secret garden”,  that houses pure intention,  a resonance that supports a heart-brain balance of an attraction-creation experience.

Through active involvement in our co-creative process we can bring in balance and empowerment.  Our journey home  is but a few steps into the secret Garden of Life!

Ascension Series Workbook!

Designed as a guide using imagery and exercises to expand spiritual  communication and shift everyday experience by enhancing your co-creative potentials.


The common thread in your creative reality show is YOU!


This book is designed to help the reader in several ways. First, it offers awareness to patterns of creation underway and prominent in your life. Second, a series of original  images, art created by the author, are provided to evoke new understandings and to assist in  emerging evolutionary consciousness about  the creative reality process. Each chapter has images,  exercises and guidelines along with character analysis that assist in analyzing patterns and help to create new patterns of well being. This book offers a creative approach to expanding self awareness. It gently guides and expands self-awareness, creativity in the study of yourself



The workbook has 12 chapters and 61 pages. It includes  images , creative writings,  discussions  and exercises.


It is sold as a PDF file by special order. It is also designed to correlate with Living Matrix Workshops