Living Art Workshops by Norma L. Lloyd

“Living Matrix Art” 



Living Matrix Art Workshops offer an opportunity to step into the Living Matrix energy. These energy templates , projected on top of the body , can offer instant experiential shifts in  spiritual communion.


They impact  quantum field  frequencies and have been recorded as creating harmonic, heart coherent biofeedback waves in the emotional heart. Learn kinesiology and how to experience the energy field.


Living Matrix Art Templates are cards designed to expand conscious, awareness, enhance emotional  harmony and increase awareness of the living energetic matrix of the physical  body . 


Each Living Matrix Art Series focuses on a different aspect of expanding spiritual enlightenment and the flow of creativity.


Soul Imprints are personal soul images you create for yourself using special techniques and processes taught in the workshop.


Enhance creativity,

self empowerment and health!


Living Matrix Art Experience


The Living Matrix Art Workshops are uniquely designed to inspire intuitive communication within, to expand compassionate communion with others, and to provide an increased sense of balance and harmony.


They offer a greater understanding of the empowerment of individual creativity and can be presented in 3 hour, one day or weekend format and may include a blend of:


Presentation & discussion of templates and heart intelligence, individual experience of standing in the Living Art Matrix images and an empowering opportunity to create your own soul imprint! Each participant may also receive a workbook and cards.


SCHEDULE:  Contact me to schedule a group.


Workshop  Facilitator Certification available.


Gather twelve people together and get your own workshop entry for free!  


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